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Automatically Connect to Tailscale in NixOS with OAuth Secrets

22 Feb 2024 | servers, nixos, tailscale

Building a Docker Image using Nix Flakes

06 Feb 2024 | docker, nix, nixos, flakes

Removing Cloud Dependency of Sesame Lock with ESPHome

03 Feb 2024 | home-assistant, sesame-lock, esphome, esp32

How to Reuse Dotfiles config in NixOS

27 Nov 2023 | nixos, nix, dotfiles, vim, lazygit, tutorial

Handling Auth Access in React

26 Nov 2023 | react, auth, tutorial

How to Rescue a Broken Oracle Cloud VM Instance

14 Sept 2023 | oracle, cloud, vm, tutorial

Simple Secrets Management with Bitwarden and Envsubst

21 May 2023 | tutorial, nix, nixos, secrets, bash, bitwarden, envsubst

How to Reset an Oracle Cloud VM Instance

30 Apr 2023 | oracle, cloud, vm, uefi, tutorial, netboot.xyz, netboot, ipxe, debian, nixos

The Correct Way to Install Prettier

28 Apr 2023 | javascript, typescript, eslint, prettier

How to Get Contents of an AJAX Request in a Script

31 Mar 2023 | web-scraping, playwright, scripting, bash

How to Process an External SQS Queue with Laravel

10 Feb 2023 | aws, sqs, laravel, php, queue, tutorial

How to Get Started with Typescript

06 Dec 2022 | typescript, tutorial

Integrating the New Sesame Lock with Home Assistant

10 Oct 2022 | home-assistant, sesame-lock, python

Getting Cloudflare Proxy to Play Nice with Caddy

24 Sept 2022 | servers, cloudflare, cloudflare-proxy, caddy, https

Exposing a Self-hosted Service with Cloudflare Tunnel

23 Sept 2022 | servers, docker, cloudflare, cloudflare-tunnel, port-forward

A Better Way to Integrate Tailscale on your fly.io-powered App

16 Sept 2022 | servers, docker, fly-io, tailscale

Easily Host a Docker Image with fly.io

12 Sept 2022 | servers, homelab, docker, fly-io

An Easy Way to Port Forward in Linux

09 Sept 2022 | servers, linux, homelab, port-forward

A Single Command to Load your Vim Configs from Anywhere

19 Aug 2022 | vim, dotfiles

A Simple and Clean Git Workflow

13 Aug 2022 | git, gitlab, simple-and-clean, kiss

Migrating from laravel-vite to Laravel's Official Vite Plugin

25 Jul 2022 | tutorial, laravel, vite

Word Processors suck at formatting, use HTML instead

14 Apr 2022 | word-processing, markdown, html, tailwindcss

Setting up Port Forwarding on an Oracle Cloud Instance

06 Apr 2022 | oracle, cloud, port-forwarding, networking, troubleshooting

How to set up File Backups with Kopia + Rclone

30 Jan 2022 | tutorial, backup, kopia, rclone

Prevent Ubuntu Server from going to Sleep when Laptop Lid is Closed

30 Jan 2022 | laptop, linux, ubuntu

How to set up Bridge Networking with a Wireless Interface in KVM

22 Jan 2022 | tutorial, kvm, networking, linux, vfio, vm

My Experience with VFIO + Single GPU Passthrough

06 Feb 2021 | vfio, vm, linux, macos, windows, pc

How to Install phpcd Plugin for vim

05 Nov 2018 | tutorial, vim, php, dotfiles

Enabling HTTPS in a Ghost + Docker environment

01 Sept 2018 | docker, ghost, https

Implementing Password Reset via API in Laravel

26 Aug 2018 | laravel, php, vuejs, laravel-passport, api

Creating a Docker image for Laravel from scratch

04 Mar 2018 | docker, laravel, php, nodejs