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How to Install phpcd Plugin for vim

05 Nov 2018 | tutorial, vim, php, dotfiles

phpcd is a autocompletion plugin for vim. It integrates well with deoplete, providing useful suggestions when coding in php.


Configuring on macOS

Step 1: Install PHP via brew

As the stock PHP bundled with macOS does not include pcntl, we install a build of php from homebrew which comes with pcntl preinstalled.

$ brew install php

Make sure the php path is updated:

$ which php
# /usr/local/bin/php << expected output1

Step 2: Install msgpack php extension via pecl

If you install php via brew, pecl should also come pre-installed:

$ pecl install msgpack

Confirm msgpack is install by running

$ php -m

and make sure msgpack is displayed on the output

Step 3: Install phpcd

Follow the installation instructions on the Github repo. Install using your favorite plugin manager and add the necessary configs to your vimrc file.

If it’s not working, you might need to manually run composer install in the phpcd.vim directory…

Bonus: Laravel Facades support

If you have a Laravel project, you could have facades autocompletion support with the Laravel IDE Helper composer package. Refer to this issue to set it up.

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