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Tokyo, Japan

Self-taught full-stack web dev. Speaks English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu, 日本語. Hobbies include cooking and traveling. Occasionally wrecks servers through self-hosting and homelab-ing .


Client Side

  • HTML | HTML5
  • CSS | CSS3
  • TailwindCSS
  • JavaScript | ES6+
  • TypeScript
  • jQuery
  • React | Redux
  • Vue.js | Vuex
  • Inertia.js

Server Side

  • PHP | Laravel
  • Node.js | Express.js
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Web Sockets (


  • C
  • CI/CD (Github Actions | GitlabCI)
  • Docker + Docker Compose
  • Vagrant
  • Ansible
  • Elastic Stack
  • LaTeX
  • Git (Github | Gitlab)

Featured Projects

Hotel Hamlet

Hotel Hamlet

PHP Laravel MySQL Inertia.js Vue.js TypeScript TailwindCSS PHPUnit Github Actions Heroku

A full-stack web application with a built-in reservation system.



Docker Compose MySQL PostgreSQL Redis Mailhog Meilisearch

A set of commonly used services in web development all bundled in a docker compose file.

Server Provisioning

Server Provisioning

Terraform Ansible MergerFS Let's Encrypt Wireguard

Automated provisioning of homelab servers.



Node.js Express.js MongoDB Vue.js ESlint Heroku

A Node.js-based Pintrest clone.

More Projects @ GitHub


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